Focus on the essentials: Since 1984 we produce ready-to-use liquid glazes without any compromise in terms of leading product quality, responsible use of ressources and outstanding customer service. 

BOTZ GmbH was founded jointly as Surmann und Klück GbR by Mechthild Surmann and Jürgen Klück in 1984. Our basic concept was to develop and manufacture exclusively lead-free and cadmium-free brush-on glazes (later to be labelled as fully "non-toxic"). In addition to our joy of ceramics, our concept was paramount to:

  • develop health-consciously
  • produce in an environmentally friendly manner
  • act in a dealer-friendly manner

We found appropriate premises in the Port of Münster and experimented, mixed, stirred, filled, labelled, dispatched and developed low-key and constantly as a company. The product name BOTZ becomes a trademark and is established as a brand:

  • First colour catalogue in 1985
  • Establishment of a national dealer network and further BOTZ glaze developments from1985 -1990
  • Foundation SKG GmbH, decorative colour development "Unidekor" in 1990
  • Development of the small sewage plant "TA 103" in 1991
  • Tenth anniversary in 1994
  • "Stoneware series", expansion of the programme and international dealer network 1996/1998
  • First BOTZ homepage in 1999, represented in 20 countries in the meantime
  • Office building extension in 2000/2001
  • Ökoprofit participation in 2003/2004 (see ….) - certification
  • Resignation of the shareholder and managing director J. Klück, development of a workshop for end-users in 2007
  • Introduction of IT-supported production planning, 25 year anniversary, charity project "profilia" in 2008/2009
  • New BOTZ website, sales in the meantime to more than 30 countries
  • BOTZ DVD in 2012
  • Change of name to BOTZ GmbH, CEO Mechthild Spener (former Surmann) in 2012
  • Our Managing Director Mechthild Spener was elected as "Entrepreneur of the Year 2013" from North-Westphalia by the "Frauen (U) unternehmen" association, Münster. The excellent corporate management was awarded in connection with the social commitment at the association pro filia e.V.  in 2013
  • 30 years BOTZ, more DVDs, books, Facebook, BOTZ YouTube Channel in 2014/15
  • Admission of the second Managing Director Daniel Schulze zur Verth in 2016
  • New company location in Münster from July 2019
  • Daniel Schulze zur Verth becomes shareholder of BOTZ GmbH as of 2019

We are especially proud of the long-standing and effective support provided by our employees without whose constant thoughts and responsible action we would not be able to consistently implement our quality claim and without which the trusting and constructive relationship to our trade partners, without whose commitment and customer proximity BOTZ brand's success would be inconceivable.