• Schale (c) Markus Flach

    bowl (c) Markus Flach

  • 9881 Tiefblau

    9881 Tiefblau

  • 9881 Tiefblau, Schale

    9881 Tiefblau, Schale

  • 9881 Tiefblau,

    9881 Tiefblau,

  • Becher, (c) Markus Flach

    Becher, (c) Markus Flach

  • 9881 gebrannt bei 1250°

    9881 fired at 1250°

9881 Deep blue stoneware


  • Glossy, deep blue stoneware glaze with light effects, light running effects can be achieved by a locally thicker coat
  • Apply 2 – 3 coats (rather 3 coats, will not run off, when firing at 1280°C, apply at base only 2 coats!)
  • Firing range: 1220 – 1280°C, 30 min soak
  • 1220°C: nice blue with small effects
  • 1250°C: bright blue with light effects, green base if applied in a thin coat
  • 1280°C: the effects will be particularly nice if fired at 1280°C, if applied in a very thin coat and on the edges, the glaze will show a green base


  • glossy
  • consistent in firing range 1220°-1280°C
  • recommended for tableware
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