• Schale, 9448 Himmelblau

  • Schale, 9448 Himmelblau

  • Vase, 9448 Sky blue

    Vase, 9448 Himmelblau

  • Vasenöffnung, 9448 Himmelblau

    Edge of a vase, 9448 Sky blue

  • Anhänger mit Relief, 9448 Himmelblau

    Pendant with relief, 9448 Sky blue

  • Pinseltopf, 9448 Himmelblau

    Brush pot, 9448 Sky blue

9448 Sky blue


  • Opaque, full glaze
  • Apply in thick coat


  • glossy
  • consistent in firing range 1020°-1060°
  • recommended for tableware
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Colourful Cognac

Classical „Cognac“ (9104) radiates full of colours and exciting droplet effects: Maisgelb (9349), Himmelblau (9448) a. o. emerge with a kind of animal fur optics.

13: Rack Etagere

Spectacular stage for your pastries: Sigrid Becker from BOTZ shows, how to build an etagere rack from ceramics all by yourself - ingredients: IKEA plate, BOTZ glazes and a construction kit for etageres.