• 9304 Seladongrün Musterkachel 1150°C

    9304 Celadon Green 1150°C

  • 9304 Seladongrün Musterkachel 1050°C

    9304 Celadon Green 1050°C

  • 9304 Seladongrün Musterkachel 1250°C

    9304 Celadon Green 1250°C

  • Teller, innen 9304, außen 9301, 1250°C

    plate, inside 9304, rim 9301, 1250°C

9304 Celadon Green


  • striking, semi-transparent glaze with a great glassy surface
  • strong shining and pastel colours
  • very easy to use in a broad firing range from 1020° to 1280°C (cone 05-04 to cone 8-9)
    • at 1050°C: very colourful and almost opaque / apply 2-3 times
    • at 1150°C: bright colourfulness with a rather semi-transparent surface / apply two layers
    • at 1250°C: glassy, semi-transparent surface with intensive Pastel shades, awesome also on porcelain mass / apply two layers 
  • tends to run when applied thickly from 1150°C on
  • perfect for tableware
  • works greatly also in combination with BOTZ Unidekor


  • glossy
  • tends to run
  • consistent in firing range 1020°-1280°C
  • Raku suitable
  • semi-transparent
  • recommended for tableware
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