• 9050 Engobe Hellgrün, je links unglasiert, rechts glasiert

    9050 Engobe bright green, each unglazed (left) / glazed (right)

  • 9050 Engobe Hellgrün, links unglasiert rechts glasiert

    9050 Engobe bright green, unglazed (left) / glazed (right)

  • 9050 Engobe Hellgrün auf dunklem Ton, links unglasiert rechts glasiert

    9050 Engobe bright green on dark clay, unglazed (left) / glazed (right)

9050 Engobe bright green


  • Apply 2-3 times with a brush or on leatherhard, dried, unfired or biscuit fired clay 
  • Without overglazing engobes become earthy matt
  • Bright colour intensity when overglazed thinly with 9106 Transparent
  • Well suited e. g. for marbling technique: use slightly diluted on soaked biscuit fired or leatherhard clay
  • Perfect also for Sgraffito technique
  • Can be mixed with glaze 9450 (30% Engobe, 70% Glasur) for a silky matt surface with tiny black dots (apply 3 times)
  • Can be used as pourable clay for small objects: fire at 1050°C, sinters frost-resistant


  • matt
  • consistent in firing range 900°-1100°C
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