• Teller, 9352 Craquelé türkis

    Plate, 9352 Turquoise crackle

  • Teller, 9352 Craquelé türkis

    Plate, 9352 Turquoise crackle

  • Tellerrand, 9352 Craquelé türkis

    Edge of a Plate, 9352 Turquoise crackle

  • 9352 gebrannt bei 1050°

    9352 fired at 1050°

9352 Turquoise crackle


  • Turquoise, transparent, glossy crackle glaze, must be applied in one coat only since it tends to run strongly
  • To prevent formation blisters, biscuit fire at 1000 °C
  • Can show blisters on some sorts of clay when applied on both sides/all around
  • Crackles develop mostly after cooling in the kiln and this is reinforced in time, partially up to 1 week
  • If crackles did not develop, the glaze can also be removed from the kiln at approx. 100 °C and quenched with cold water
  • The crackle net is inked, e.g. with black China ink, multi-coloured acrylic paints, strong black tea or else
  • With a slightly thicker coat on horizontal surfaces such as the inner surface of plates and bowls, interesting, darker turquoise scale crackles stars to form on some clays.


  • glossy
  • tends to run strongly
  • consistent in firing range 1020°-1060°
  • forms cracks
  • Raku suitable
  • semi-transparent
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Reliefteller 9352

relief plate 9352

A striking plate with relief and depth-effect handmade! Very easy with the step-by-step manual: