• Engel, 9155 Zauberweiß

    Angel, 9155 Magic white

  • Engel und Sterne, 9155 Zauberweiß

    Angel and Stars, 9155 Magic white

  • Schale, 9155 Zauberweiß

    Bowl, 9155 Magic white

9155 Magic white


  • Matt glimmer glaze with black glittering effects
  • Apply 2-3 times, let dry well, wipe free the glimmer particles on the surface with a damp cloth
  • Light objects can be glazed all around, also on the standing areas, thus can be fired without spacers
  • Glimmer glazes can be mixed with each other along the colour wheel
  • Bright glimmer effect also up to 1100°C


  • consistent in firing range 900°-1060°C
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12: Highlights Glimmer & Glaze

Working with contrasts: Generate strong accentuations combining BOTZ-Unidekor and -Glimmer glazes. We show you tips and advice for mastering the challenge.