It’s finally there, our new BOTZ DVD and we think it is really great:

Bine Brändle “Lust auf Keramik” [Enjoying ceramics]!

And you can take this literally: if you look at the 9 chapters, you immediately feel like starting to make pottery. Bine Brändle, also known for her creative ideas in the ARD [German public television] “Büffet” programme explains the manufacturing of her colourful and original ceramics items with great joy and competence. Idea for beginners and also inspiring for advanced potters.

Running time 71 min., German with English subtitles


ISBN 978-3-00-049555-7


Please have a look at the trailer!

Our absolute book recommendation this autumn is the new book from

Helena Arendt “Schmuck aus Keramik  selbstgemacht” [Homemade jewellery from ceramics]  from Haupt publishing with beautiful items of jewellery, precise detailed tips and fantastic photos.

ISBN 978-3-258-60116-8

Recommended gross sales price     € 39.90


Here it is:
The new BOTZ Catalogue Print 7!

With creative ideas and tips, available in six language versions:

  • German-English,
  • German-French,
  • German-Dutch,
  • German-Spanish,
  • German-Turkish and
  • German-Russian.

Why not order your copy or download it now?

BOTZ Workshop in Münster


Kommen Sie zu uns nach Münster

und tauchen Sie ein in die bunte Welt von BOTZ!


Workshop 1,5 Tage: 

15. und 16.09.2017   ausgebucht

13. und 14.10.2017

Details erhalten Sie hier



New from BOTZ

A great idea to test the BOTZ engobes. With the painting tips you are able to do the typicalEngoben Relief decor ,simple and clean, and to apply paint peppy writing and fine decor painting: 

BOTZ Engobe Set Art.-Nr. 9040

Consists of 1 x 50 ml each

9041 Weiß, 9043 Ockergelb, 9046 Mittelblau, 9051 Dunkelgrün, 9061 Dunkelrot, 9048 Schwarz

1 Adapter

3 Painting tips (1,2 ; 1,5 ; 1,8 mm diameter)

The changeable tips are easy to attach on the adapter (Important: do not remove the intermediate cover). The tips are highly robust and easy to clean with running water. The empty bottles can be refilled with the familiar BOTZ Engobes (200ml and 800ml).

Unsere Geschäftsführerin Mechthild Spener wurde vom Verein „Frauen(U)unternehmen“, Münster, zur Unternehmerin des Jahres 2013 von Nord-Westfalen gewählt.

Ausgezeichnet wurden die gute Unternehmensleitung in Verbindung mit dem sozialen Engagement bei dem Verein pro filia e.V.

Wir freuen uns!


Foto: Morsey/IHK Nord Westfalen

Kreative Ideen mit BOTZ!

Die versierte Keramikerin Lisa Leonhardt hat ein tolles neues Töpferbuch geschrieben:


Muster, Farben & Strukturen

Dieses Buch macht Anfängern den Einstieg leicht und erfahrene Töpferfreunde finden neue Inspiration:

Anhand von vielen Fotos, leichten Texten und wunderbaren Illustrationen zeigt Frau Leonhardt Schritt für Schritt die Herstellung schöner Objekte und ihre Oberflächengestaltung.

 … und was uns besonders gefällt: Frau Leonhardt verwendet ausschließlich BOTZ Farben, sei es als Glasur, Engobe oder Dekorfarbe!


Das Buch ist ab sofort im Buchhandel  zum Preis von € 12,99 (D)/€ 13,40 (A) erhältlich.

ISBN 978-3-8388-3465-8

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Immerse yourself in the colourful world of ceramics with BOTZ brush on glazes!

This DVD is specially for those who are already doing pottery and for those who are going to begin with this wonderful craft (whether it be as a hobby, a free time activity or in schools). After a general introduction, members of the BOTZ team are going to show you, step by step, how BOTZ glazes work including lots of tips and tricks.

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On our gallery page we are happy to show you works by artists, customers and friends who have repeatedly impressed us with their great commitment during the past years. Take a look for yourself and read how the works came into being.
Let yourself be inspired, we would like to wish you much pleasure when taking a look

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BOTZ PLUS enhances the effects especially beautifully on BOTZ stoneware glazes, considerably increasing the brilliance of the ceramics. When firing, the application of BOTZ PLUS combines the ingredients of the glaze anew, changing the colours, structures and gloss - dependent on the thickness applied. You can even reduce the stoneware glazes' firing range to 1150°C with BOTZ PLUS if the stoneware glaze is fully overglazed with Plus.

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